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Outstanding Door Hardware & Security Washroom Hardware 

The specification and distribution of exceptional quality door hardware systems and solutions has been our business for over thirty-five successful years. 

Door Hardware Compatibility

Hardware products selected for a particular door are very often selected from different sources. This is a perfectly acceptable practice provided it is remembered that, where any two items have to work together, they must be compatible. If they are not, the system will be very likely to fail and the problem of having to establish supplier responsibility will be costly and time consuming. Relcross Ltd offers a complete range of compatible hardware products from which a properly matched successful door package can be selected with total confidence.

Performance, Strength & Versatility

The Relcross range of door hardware has been chosen not just because it will outlast and outperform anything available on the market but also because it can be used successfully with other building management systems.                                                

Technical & Specification ServicesLCN 4000 Series Heavy Duty Door Closers (Smoothee)                                  

Relcross offers a free technical specification and advisory service to assist you in the correct choice of equipment. We keep substantial stocks of most products. Our team of trained specifiers will discuss problems, offer guidance, make recommendations and, most importantly, help on site if difficulties should occur. For help and advice please call us on 01380 729600, email or complete the 'Make an Enquiry' form at the side of this page.                                                                                          

Product Portfolio: High Performance Door Hardware

Relcross has developed a range of solutions to rival any currently available on the UK market. We employ professional technical consultants capable of supporting some of the most sophisticated (and often simple) solutions. Our range of door hardware
is detailed here.

                      99 Rim Exit Device                                                         

                                               YouTube  Von Duprin - 99 Rim Exit Device - A Test of Strength


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