Von Duprin Shows the Way

11 October 2019

QEL98K.LX.SG-F Luminous Fire Rated Exit Hardware

The Relcross Door Controls sales team is synonymous with problem solving and their vast experience came to the fore once again when presented with an unusual requirement by electrical generator specialists Advanced Diesel Engineering Ltd (ADE) of South Kirkby, West Yorkshire. As part of its range ADE builds acoustically rated, industrial grade generators for data centres across Europe. The quiet and seamless transition from primary source to back-up energy is essential in this type of environment.



ADE houses its otherwise noisy diesel generators in sound proof containers where alarmed, safe and secure access/egress is essential for protection, servicing and maintenance. Containers are constructed from heavily insulated steel with oversized doors built to the same exacting specification. Conventional door hardware is just not up to the task.


Operational Features

Relcross Door Controls specified Von Duprin QEL quiet (motorized) electric latch retraction exit hardware to each door leaf (2 per container). The QEL device draws 1A @ 24Vdc (0.5 sec) when switched and provides automatic latch retraction externally (for access) via a card reader. The access controller monitors door status while also shunting the alarm for all valid credentials.  Manual latch retraction internally (for egress) is via the operation of the touch bar. The touch bar incorporates a ‘Safety Glow’ feature providing visual assistance in potentially dark or smoke-filled spaces. The LX (latch monitoring) switch shunts the alarm on egress. Key override is provided at the outside access device giving an optional method of access should the 24Vdc power source fail.

Relcross Door Controls remains confident that correctly installed and maintained Von Duprin hardware will outperform and outlast all comparable products on the market - in the most demanding situations - anywhere in the world.


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