Washrooms in the Raw from Hadrian

Elite Galvanized Steel Toilet Cubicles

Oaks Restaurant & Bar, Nottingham, part of the PPHE Hotels Group provides washrooms with a difference. The 'cold storage' look includes full height 'freezer room' entrance doors (by others) and raw finish galvanized steel toilet cubicles & doors by Hadrian. Steel clad walls, stainless steel sink troughs and naked industrial light bulbs complete the stripped back, raw appearance.

Hadrian Elite Galvanized Steel Toilet Cubicles


Full honeycomb core doors, panels and pilasters are structurally reinforced with 25mm cell honeycomb bonded from top to bottom and edge to edge throughout their entire core. The honeycomb reinforcement enhances strength, sound absorption, and overall impact resistance. 

Clean, attractive corners – mitred, welded and ground smooth. Hadrian’s 'trademark' corners are unmatched for their clean, attractive appearance. The superior strength of Hadrian’s full corner weld offers a hygienic seal and prevents parts from loosening and detaching.

Barrier free lever latch. Hadrian’s exclusive thumbturn lever is activated with a short, easy movement and without finger-grip application.

Safety release latch. The standard barrier-free latch design allows access from the exterior in case of emergency. The design is minimal for appearance, easy cleaning, and resistance to vandalism. The 'Hadrian' name assists maintenance staff in locating the source for replacement parts. 

Metal hinge pin with nylon sleeve. The metal core of Hadrian’s upper hinge pin provides sturdy support while the self-lubricating nylon sleeve ensures smooth, quiet operation. The threaded pin can be easily removed and reinserted if necessary.

Elite Powder Coated Toilet Partitions - Offering the best value in the industry, powder coated toilet partitions address the key areas of fire resistance, durability, high recycled content and graffiti resistance – all at an entry-level price!

Elite Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions  - Feature industry-best fire resistance, high recycled content and excellent corrosion resistance. Less expensive than composite and phenolic type options, stainless steel achieves an upscale look and outstanding performance at a cost effective price point.

One half to one third the cost of other compartment types. Light, workable material means easier, faster and less costly installations. Local, readily available material to support tight lead times.

Industry-best Fire Resistance

Most fire-resistant toilet partition material available.

High Recycled Content

With 50% (36% post-consumer and 14% pre-consumer) recycled content, powder coated toilet partitions are an excellent choice for environmentally sensitive projects.

Enhanced Privacy Options

Achieve maximum privacy with optional extended panels and doors as well as full height channels to completely eliminate all sightline gaps.

Beautiful, Durable Finish

Hadrian’s organic polymer powder coated finish is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, detergents and acids and is available in a wide selection of colors, including special effects and anti-graffiti options.

Relcross Sales and Marketing Director, Stuart McMaster, said “Modern plastics, laminates and phenolics are surprisingly durable although it is true that nothing really matches the ultimate durability of steel. Many companies are realizing that the whole life costs of high quality washroom equipment are considerably lower than less robust and less stylish options. We’re confident that Oak’s cubicles will go on looking good for years to come”

For further information about Hadrian Toilet Partitions and Lockers visit www.hadrian-cubicles.co.uk, call Relcross on 01380 729600 or 
e: sales@relcross.co.uk

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