Certification & Legislation

CE Certification 

CE Marking & DoP (Declaration of Performance)

The CE mark is a legal declaration by a manufacturer that a product complies with one or more European single market directives or regulations. As a responsible distributor of door hardware products, Relcross Ltd is obliged to ensure that hardware supplied for use on fire and escape route doors is compliant.

The principal measure of relevance to doors and hardware is the:

Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR).

The CPR covers all construction products, but only if the product in question is covered by a 'harmonized' European standard. This includes currently external hinged door sets, industrial doors, garage doors and a number of hardware items intended for fire and emergency escape doors. From July 2013, manufacturers must apply the CE mark and issue a Declaration of Performance for each product. Certain standards are still to be published, including the standard for fire-resisting doors and CE marking of these products will start later.

In summary, any relevant product manufactured from 1st July 2013, which falls within the scope of a harmonized EN standard, must be CE marked.

Download DoPs (Declaration of Performance)

Coordinators (to EN1158)

COR32, COR42 & COR52 Series

Door Closers (to EN1154)

1261 Super Thriftee

1461 Super Stock

1460SE Super Stock (BS EN 1154)

1460T Super Stock

2015 Concealed

2016 Concealed

2035 Concealed Pacer

4011 Smoothee

4016 Smoothee

4021 Smoothee

4023T Smoothee

4031 Compact Smoothee

4040SE Super Smoothee (BS EN 1154)

4040XP Super Smoothee

4040XPT Super Smoothee

4111 Smoothee

4116 Smoothee

Door Closers (to EN1155)

1460SE Super Stock (BS EN1155)

4040SE Super Smoothee (BS EN1155)

Single Axis Hinges (to EN1935)

CB1960R Concealed Bearing 

Panic Exit Hardware (to EN1125)

22 Series

33A & 35A Series

98 & 99 Series 

Electric Strikes (to EN14846)

6210 Electric Strike

6223 Electric Strike

Power Supplies (Certificate of Conformity)

Type 1 - PS01, PS02, PS05 & PS06

Type 2 - PS03, PS04, PS07, PS08 & PS09

Type 4 - PS0 EL.N

DHF Best Practice Guides

Download Best Practice Guides

The Door Hardware Federation is the premier source for information on legislation and standards relating to door hardware. Their Best Practice Guides address the areas that should be considered when specifying, ordering or using the products shown on www.relcross.co.uk. They provide the reader with a concise document which includes a summary of relevant sections from that particular European product standard.

BS EN1125 & BS EN179 Panic & Emergency Exit Devices

BS EN1154 Controlled Door Closing Devices

BS EN1155 Electrically Powered Hold Open Devices for Swing Doors

BS EN1158 Door Coordinator Devices

BS EN1935 Single Axis Hinges

DHF Guide to Approved Doc M

 DHF Guide to Approved Doc Q

PAS 1188-1:2009. Flood Protection Products. Specification. Part 1: Building Aperture Products

Download Report (number 297-769)

Panic Exit Hardware (to PAS 1188-1:2009)

PAS 1188-1 applies to flood protection products used in the temporary sealing of building apertures and entrances to properties in the event of static flood water rising up to a level between 600 mm and 900 mm above ground level.

 98/9957 - Surface Mounted Three Point Latching Device

BS 8607:2014 Mechanically Operated Push Button Locks

Download Reports (numbers WIL342897 & WIL 342898)

 Keylex 2100 Series w. Mortice Double Throw Deadlocking Latch

 Keylex 800 Series w. Mortice Double Throw Deadlocking Latch

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