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Hinges and Pivots are frequently underestimated with regard to their vital role in the provision of a safe, secure and reliable door installation. There are few other moving components in a building's fabric and structure expected to function as regularly and efficiently as a Hinge or Pivot. Specifying the correct Hinge or Pivot, in conjunction with other compatible door hardware, such as Door Controls, will ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of the door leaf over many years. Hinges or Pivots which are under specified will quickly lead to dropped doors and misaligned hardware - which in turn could compromise fire and life safety requirements along with security.

Factors Affecting the Choice of Hinge or Pivots

Location and function dictates the frequency of a door’s usage. Location also dictates the material of the hinge, its finish and any special security features. A combination of location, function and frequency of use determines the door construction. Door construction along with door hardware are two factors influencing door mass. Door mass is a primary factor for consideration since this affects the gauge of the hinge and the type and number of bearing surfaces necessary for correct load bearing. The available overall bearing surface is dictated by the hinge height and the number & type of hinges specified per leaf. Additionally, hinge location will affect greatly the ability of  individual bearing surfaces to perform a worthwhile task. Fasteners are an integral part of the hinge and due consideration should be placed on the correct choice.

Aesthetics may also play a part in hinge selection. although equally capable, Concealed Bearing Hinges offer cleaner lines than Ball Bearing Hinges and design requirements may dictate the choice of finish.

Relcross provides the highest quality solutions from some of the world's leading manufacturers: Stanley Architectural Grade Hinges, Ives Pivots, Markar & Pemko Continuous Hinges.

The Relcross Range of Hinges & Pivots

The Relcross range incorporates several different Hinge & Pivot types. Each type is designed to undertake a specific task although some overlap. The following is a summary of the range:

Ball Bearing Hinges

Ball Bearing Hinge






Ball Bearing Hinges offered by Relcross have the appearance of conventional hinges with a five knuckle construction considered to be the industry standard for many commercial and institutional applications.

Concealed Bearing Hinges

Concealed Bearing Hinge






Relcross Concealed Bearing Hinges or CB Hinges are designed by our manufacturing partners at Stanley Hardware. This range offers a comprehensive choice of sizes and features to suit most applications and door types. The patented two piece bearing system is an integral part of the design on all CB1960R and CB1961R Concealed Bearing Hinges.

Spring Hinges

Concealed Bearing Hinge






Spring Hinges from Relcross, manufactured by Stanley Hardware combine the hanging and closing of the door in one product. Relcross Spring Hinges have been successfully used on internal apartment doors and other private dwellings offering a proven , cost effective and theft resistant solution.

Offset Pivots & Centre Pivots

   7212 - 19mm Offset Bottom Pivot




Our range now includes quality offset and centre hung pivot sets suitable for a
wide range of installations from high traffic situations to extra heavy doors and emergency rescue scenarios. Relcross Door Pivots are manufactured from the highest quality materials. High strength brass and stainless steel forgings with precision bearing technology all combine to ensure a smooth action with superior strength performance are all integral features of the Relcross Door Pivot range.

Continuous Geared Hinges
Continuous Geared Hinge - Heavy Duty





Continuous Geared Hinges
dissipate a door’s weight and stresses along the full length of
the door and frame instead of concentrating most of the stress on one top hinge. Trouble free door operation is guaranteed. Our heavy duty continuous hinges have been tested successfully in excess of 2,500,000 cycles. Relcross Continuous Geared Hinges are manufactured from tempered aluminium and offer a unique and innovative solution for installations requiring a robust, strong and durable solution. Continuous Geared Hinges also offer security enhancement at the heel of the door along with optional 'finger safe' and anti-ligature features.

Continuous Pin & Barrel Hinges

FM300 & FM344 Continuous Hinge - Stainless Steel

Continuous Pin and Barrel Hinges are manufactured from architectural grade stainless steel the pin and barrel designed carries the load on the pin (along its full length) distributing load down the door frame. Pin and barrel designs, particularly suitable for use on high traffic entrance doors, offer extended lifespan for doors, frames and associated hardware - along with reduced maintenance costs.

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