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LCN 4110 Series Door Closer - Stop Face (Push Side) Mounting

F. Bamford Engineering Ltd, known in the industry as Bamford Doors, a long standing Relcross partner, provides door control solutions to Local Authorities, Housing Associations ,Civil Aviation Authority, Water Treatment Plants, Industrial and Retail Premises, Airports, Ministry of Defence, Schools, Hospitals and Business Premises. Their closer of choice is the LCN 4111 Smoothee®.

LCN 4111 Cush-N-Stop Doors Closer - Bamford Doors

4110 Smoothee® is LCN’s best performing heavy duty closer designed specifically for institutional and other rugged high traffic applications.

UK Fire Certification in accordance with
BS EN 1634-1:2014 (timber) - 120 mins

UK Fire Certification in accordance with
BS EN 1634-1:2014 (steel) - 60 mins

WFRC No. 142058 - Issue 4. Valid Until 1st December 2019 
EN 1154: 1996: A1: 2002/AC:2006

The photograph shows the optional, handed parallel arm featuring a solid forged steel main arm and forearm
with a built-in stop at the soffit shoe.

CE Certified. Certification applies to Stop Face (Push Side) Mounting Only (4111) 
CE Certified. Certification applies to Stop Face (Push Side) Mounting Only (4116)

Features and Benefits

  • Ten Million Cycles
  • Cast Iron
  • Extra Duty Forged Steel Arm Standard
  • Double Heat Treated Steel Pinion
  • All Weather Fluid
  • LCN® Fast™ Power Adjust
  • Fast & Accurate Installation


  • Sized cylinders 4116 for interior doors to 1524mm and exterior (perimeter) doors to 1220mm
  • Non-sized cylinders 4111 for interior doors to 1372mm and exterior (perimeter) doors to 1067mm
  • Closer mounts parallel arm
  • Standard or optional custom powder coat finish
  • Standard 4110 series closer is shipped with extra duty arm, standard plastic cover, 4110-201 fifth screw spacer and self reaming and tapping screws
  • Optional plated finish on metal cover, arm and fasteners
  • Optional SRI primer for installations in corrosive conditions is available with powder coat only
  • Handed for clockwise (left hand) and anti-clockwise (right hand) closing doors
  • Surface Mounting
    For interior or exterior doors. Single acting cylinder on door top rail
  • Exposed regular arm to head frame
  • Maximum Opening
    Butt hinge template allows 180° with EDA arm and optional hold open arm
  • Optional CUSH-N-STOP & H-CUSH-N-STOP arms allow up to 110°
  • Consult Relcross for all pivot mounted installations
  • Butt Hinges should not exceed 127mm in width
  • Auxiliary Stop is recommended - Except CUSH options. Reveal less than 70mm, use 4110-30 CUSH SHOE SUPPORT
  • Stop Width minimum 25mm
  • Top Rail minimum 130mm from the underside of the stop (51mm with 4110-18 plate)
  • Delayed Action add suffix DEL to the selected closer. Not available on 4116. Delays closing from maximum opening down to 70° - adjustable up to 60 seconds.
  • Standard Finish - US28 powder coated silver

Stuart McMaster, Sales and Marketing Director of Relcross Ltd, said “We are very proud of our long relationship with the Bamford Group. They make superbly engineered door sets and we feel that our LCN closers are the ideal complement to such a quality product.”

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