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No more excuses for incorrectly fitted and poorly adjusted door closers. Here is a link to a comprehensive list of installation sheets and templates. LCN Closers. Your one stop source for all things LCN including product descriptions, layout sheets, adjustment instuctions and templates. 

 LCN Installation Instructions/Templates Index

Door Controls - Our Formula for Success

Long Term Economics - Door hardware can receive more use and abuse (per £1.00 of investment) than any other building component. Physical interaction with the fabric of the building (with the exception of the floor!) is often restricted to doors exclusively. Factors influencing specification decisions are sometimes based around initial investment cost comparisons and aesthetics rather than the life cycle costs of the whole installation over 20 years. 

Cast Iron Materials
Who picks up the maintenance bill and lives with the consequences of
such a short term approach? Ultimately, of course, it is the owner or 
occupier who picks up the bill and, in the long term, those using
and working in the facility live with the consequences and inconvenience. 
But for a small amount of foresight and a little extra initial investment these problems can be avoided. 

In our endeavours to offer long term, economically sound solutions we have become (almost) exclusively reliant upon one source for our
door control components:

Our partners at LCN Closers have been manufacturing door closers in the USA since 1925. They concentrate their engineering expertise on designing and manufacturing door controls to outlast and outperform anything else on the world market. The secret of our ongoing success lies in these areas.

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