Relcross Opens More Doors at Leonard Cheshire Homes

Opening Doors at Leonard Cheshire Homes

The Leonard Cheshire Home at Greenacres in Sutton Coldfield has just installed its 20th Relcross REL1000 Automatic Door Operator. The Home has 32 single rooms and provides a range of services (including nursing care) for adults with physical and
sensory disabilities.

Automatic Operators have been installed over a number of years by Rowsman Ltd and supplied by Relcross via BM Architectural Ironmongers. The 1000 series is an motor driven low-energy swing door operator. It provides easy access for people with disabilities, the elderly or the frail and is designed for doors where automated opening is available by default for all users. Opening and closing speeds are adjustable and the microprocessor controller ensures reliability.

REL1000 Automatic Operator - Leonard Cheshire Homes

The latest installation is for a resident’s room and is operated by a wheelchair mounted proximity sensor or wall mounted push button. There is also a key override. The REL1000 Automatic Door Operator is wired to the Home’s fire alarm system and automatically closes the door after a timed delay in the event of an alarm.

Relcross Door Automation

This state-of-the art system is suitable for medium to low traffic interior and perimeter doors. Standard features include a switchable 'push and go' facility for automation without additional activation devices. There is also an automatic safety stop mechanism that is activated immediately if the door makes contact with an obstacle. These operators are designed to accommodate one way and two way traffic flow for low energy or powered doors with full safety as necessary.

All commands are performed directly and positively via intelligent microprocessor control with none of the delays associated with some other mechanisms. The all electric operation simplifies installation via a single mains connection and a battery back-up allows up to 10 full cycle operations in the event of a mains power failure. Integral ports are provided for additional activation and sensor units and accessories such as electric strikes, access control systems, electrified locks and card readers may be easily retro-fitted.

When two units are fitted to a pair of doors the “master and slave” setting ensures correct sequenced opening and closing of each door leaf.

REL1000 Automatic OperatorLeonard Cheshire Charities

Leonard Cheshire Disability is the UK’s leading charity supporting disabled people. Every year it support thousands of people in the UK and around the world with physical and learning disabilities enabling them to fulfil their potential and live the lives they choose. The Charity has over 100 care homes and care homes with nursing in the UK. Internationally they are part of a global alliance of Leonard Cheshire charities working to improve the lives of disabled people
in 54 countries.

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