33A/35A Rim & Surface Miscellaneous Mechanical Options

CD33A, CD35A, CD3327A, CD3537A, CD98, CD99, CD9827, CD9927, CD9857 & CD9957 / 20-022C.626 & 20-001C.114.626 /
LD22, LD2227, LD33A, LD35A, LD3327A, LD3537A, LD98, LD99, LD9827, LD9927, LD9857 & LD9957 / 22PL, 2227PL, 33A-PL, 35A-PL, 3327A-PL, 3537A-PL, 98PL, 99PL, 9827PL, 9927PL, 9857PL & 9957PL / RG-27, RG-27.914, RG-27-1220, LGO & RGO

33A/35A Rim & Surface Miscellaneous Mechanical Options

CD, Cylinders, LD, PL and RG

This section includes some of the many optional features designed to enhance the operational features of the escape device whilst ensuring devices remain ‘free from fixings’ hence, safe egress is always available.

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