98/99 Rim & Surface Touch Bar Exit Devices

98/99EO.US28, 98/99DT.US28, 98/99NL.US28, 98/99TP.US28, 98/99K.US28 & 98/99L.US28 /
98/9927EO.US28, 98/9927DT.US28, 98/9927NL.US28, 98/9927TP.US28, 98/9927K.US28 & 98/9927L.US28 /
98/9957EO.US28, 98/9957DT.US28, 98/9957NL.US28, 98/9957TP.US28, 98/9957K.US28 & 98/9957L.US28 /
DTB.22.US28/DTB.98.US28 & DTB.99.US28

98/99 Rim & Surface Touch Bar Exit Devices

98 and 99 Series


Our flagship range of architectural grade escape devices includes the 98 Series with its smooth mechanism case and the established
99 Series with its familiar grooved design. The two styles are mechanically and dimensionally identical and provide a wide selection of additional features to suit many applications.

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