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Hillside, the small Gloucestershire brewery with a growing reputation installs LCN Closers…
No more excuses for incorrectly fitted and poorly adjusted door closers. Here is a link to a comprehensive list of installation sheets and templates. …
LCN 1260 Series Door Closers, installed over many years at Bath University, have proved such a long term success that specifications continued into…
F. Bamford Engineering Ltd, known in the industry as Bamford Doors, a long standing Relcross partner, provides door control solutions to Local Authorities, Housing Associations ,Civil Aviation Authority, Water Treatment Plants, Industrial and Retail Premises, Airports, Ministry of Defence, Schools, Hospitals and Business Premises. Their closer of choice is the LCN 4111 Smoothee®.…
No.1 Watson Street (adjacent to Manchester's Central Convention Complex) is a new specialist beer bar with 60 different beers on offer and an excellent range of wine, cocktails and delicious food. Previously branded �??Taps�?� the bar was purchased by VCP Taverns in June 2014.…
The Leonard Cheshire Home at Greenacres in Sutton Coldfield has just installed …
Harper Adams University recognized that some of their staff and students would struggle to operate some of the doors encountered in the course of their normal daily routines. So, since 2008 they have been steadily installing LCN Auto Equalizers - activated in a variety of ways including wall mounted push buttons and wheelchair mounted fobs.…
7 posts in Door Controls | including LCN Door Closers
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