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Specialist Door Controls at a Specialist Beer Bar

No.1 Watson Street - Relcross Automatic Operators

No. 1 Watson Street

No.1 Watson Street (adjacent to Manchester's Central Convention Complex) is a new specialist beer bar offering 60 different beers and an excellent range of wine, cocktails and delicious food. Previously branded 'Taps', the bar was purchased by VCP Taverns in June 2014. Relcross has a proven track record at VCP Taverns premises and we were invited to offer a solution to their main entrance doors in February 2015 - replacing existing controls unable to cope with the strong winds frequently occurring in Watson Street - deservedly described as the windiest street in Manchester!

Electro Mechanical Operators 

9140 Automatic Operators - Relcross


High to Medium Traffic Capabilities

Our complete system specification includes the 9000 series operator - ideal for busy entrances doors such as those at No.1 Watson Street - the unit having been tested successfully in excess of three million cycles. 9130 and 9140 operators are non-handed and suit both pull side and push side applications respectively. The many standard features include a 'push and go' facility and an automatic safety stop (or obstacle detection) mechanism, that is activated immediately if the door makes contact with an obstacle*. Additional features such as power boost, adjustable spring closing force and adjustable latching position facilitate precise door control in all conditions. Integral ports are provided for additional activation and sensor units. Accessories such as electric strikes, access control systems, electrified locks and card readers may be easily retro-fitted.

Full Safety

*Automated swing doors specified for fast moving simultaneous two-way traffic operation give rise to increased risks to users and should be given special consideration.The introduction of automatic activation devices such as microwave motion sensors (or detectors), designed to ease traffic flow, often necessitate the introduction of additional safety devices at the door - as is the case at No.1 Watson Street.

LCN Closers & Additional Door Hardware 

'Taps' was closed for a full refurbishment in August 2015 - re-opening as No.1 Watson Street in early October 2015 - with an official opening night later in the month. During the closure period tired and worn door hardware was replaced throughout by Relcross - products used included LCN door closers, Briton branded hinges, lever furniture and other miscellaneous items including signage.  

Sales and Marketing Director Stuart McMaster commented “No.1 Watson Street is a good example of the complete range of door controls systems and hardware available from Relcross - tailored to fit in with a structured refurbishment programme.”

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